Top 5 REAL Reasons To Delete Facebook Today

Delete Facebook

  There are a ton of reasons why people decide to delete their Facebook profiles every single day. You are probably visiting this site because you’ve also thought about (or dreamed of) deleting your Facebook account. Well, in case you need any more persuasion, if you are not yet decided for certain, here are a list of the top 5 ... Read More »

The 10 Best Reasons To Quit Facebook In 2014

Best 10 Reasons To Quit Facebook

There have been many lists compiled over the years containing the best reasons various people have thought are for deleting ones Facebook account. While this website doesn’t disagree with any of those lists, we did think it necessary to compile our own, what with being the premier resource for all things anti-Facebook and all. So, without further adieu, here is ... Read More »

Facebook’s Innovation Problem

Spiegel & Zuckerberg

It’s been a while since the rejection heard across the world when Snapchat rejected a $3 billion buyout offer from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. While the rejection came as a huge shock, focus seemed strangely on the confusion created by the rejection itself, but hardly any attention focused on the motivators and larger implications of such a rejection. It wasn’t until ... Read More »

Facebook App For Google Glasses Video

Facebook Google Glass App

Facebook has most certainly began work on its own app to be integrated into the app store for Google Glasses when they are finally released for public purchase. While this video is a slightly comedic take on how Facebook can be integrated into everyday life via augmented reality it does seem creepily like what we can expect from Facebook’s Google ... Read More »

Facebook Probably Lost More Than 11 Million Users Since 2011

Facebook Loses Teen Users

Facebook Losing Young Users, How Will They Respond? It used to be once a year, then twice a year, and now it seems almost monthly there is a report on Facebook losing large numbers of younger users in increasingly large numbers. At first these reports were entirely ignored, but once they went viral Facebook had to officially respond. The social ... Read More »

318,000 Facebook Accounts Hacked

Facebook Hacked

Facebook accounts hacked on large scale, users question site security CNN reported that internet security firm Trustwave tracked one server to the Netherlands where they discovered over 318,ooo Facebook accounts had been hacked along with Gmail, Google+, Youtube, Yahoo and Twitter. The hackers have used proxy servers, so it’s nearly impossible to trace the origins of the attack as well ... Read More »

Facebook Realizes Its Ads Suck

Facebook ads

Facebook Can’t Get You Like Google Can It’s been a few months now that Facebook has introduced it’s more pervasive advertising scheme, inserting little paid posts amongst your “Home” feed in effort to get you to do a little clicky-clicky and make Facebook a little, correction LOT more money. As it turns out, Facebook isn’t so good at choosing what ... Read More »

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search

  Facebook Graph Search allows people to stalk the sh*t out of you   Seriously, other than giving pointy-nosed hob-nobs another way to dig into your personal life the positives listed so far for Graph Search functionality are pretty ridiculous. “Use Facebook Graph Search to reconnect with your graduating class” was one listed benefit of the new invasive search function. ... Read More »

Facebook’s Good Old Days

Things aren't done the way they used to be..

  Facebook’s stocks recently rose greatly this week on news of increased advertisement revenue. This is only natual as Facebook learns to dial in how it’s users think and behave and target advertising to them. Amazon has perfected this art, motivating me to purchase something nearly everytime I log on. It was only a matter of time before Facebook firgured ... Read More »

Top 5 Signs You Are Addicted to Facebook

Got a nasty cae of Facebook Addiction? You're not alone.

The Facebook Addiction Self-Test: Are You a Social Media Addict? So, much has been said about this topic, probably because everyone’s aware they have at least a minor Facebook addiction. However, if you still don’t think you’re addicted compare yourself to the following signs of addiction, because chances are your in deeper than you think. Being addicted to Facebook is ... Read More »